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Dancers have an injury incidence rate (combined pre-professional and professional dancers) of 1.09 injuries per 1000 dance hours.

That means, for every 1000 hours you dance on average you may suffer 1 (– ish!) injury.

Injuries commonly experience affect the foot and ankle, followed by lower spine, knees and hips.

So why don’t dancers train like athletes?

Good question!

There is an innate drive and tradition to attend more classes, improve technique and master dance steps in the dance community. However, a study by Long et al in 2021 - and many others! - have found that a supplemental conditioning program:

  • improved dance performance, and

  • decreased injury risk,

by applying principles of sports science training.

They also found there was a loss in improvement found at a follow up session as not all the dancers in the study continued with the program, identifying the need for continued conditioning for long term effects.

With this kind of conditioning program, dancers were able to see improvements in:

  • balance,

  • leg strength and

  • ankle stability

which are all aspects that underpin many dance movements.

So, dancers should have some kind of conditioning program to help them prevent injury. Just attending dance classes alone does not set you up for decreased risk. But when can I do this you ask? I know, you just don’t have the time. Well...

Dancewright can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop an individualised program that you can do at home within a 15-minute time frame. So you can fit them in say when you are watching your favourite Netflix series or even as part of a warm up before class. So here's the offer you can't refuse.....

Jump into Spring!

offers dancers an

  • individual session,

  • 30-minute program delivery session (going through your own individualised program) and

  • 45-minute follow up appointment at 6 weeks

  • Online Introduction to Strength and Conditioning course

Regular Price: $345

Jump into Spring Offer - Pay only : $249

That's almost $100 off!

Telehealth available if you don't live near Lilydale and Private Health may be available depending on your level of cover.

Book your initial appointment NOW at

and start your journey to becoming a stronger, safer and more informed dancer.


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Specific Neuromuscular Conditioning and Injury Prevention Training on Motor Control,

Stability, Balance, Function and Injury in Professional Ballet Dancers: A Mixed-Methods


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