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*Please note: All new clients must book an initial session for all Exercise Physiology, injury prevention, rehabilitation or strength and conditioning appointments.

No exceptions. Your appointment type will be changed if you select a standard booking and you have not seen me before. Your health and safety are of utmost importance to me and an initial session is a requirement to ensure I can deliver you the best and safest session. Thankyou for your understanding.


Individual Sessions: 

Select Dancewright from the options below to book your appointment or call 0493 536 222. Individual Session fees are listed on the booking page. (If I don't answer straight away, please know that I am likely with another client and will get back to you as soon as possible.)

Group Sessions: 

For Duos (2 per session) or Trios (3 per session), see below for potential small group sessions. For more information on Group Sessions, please click here


If you find a time below that suits, use the enquiry form below to express your interest, or call me on 0493 536 222. Please also let me know if you want a 45 min session or a 60 min session. You don't have to have a group buddy lined up. Just express your interest and when there are enough clients interested in that class, I will contact you with a starting date. 

Monday - 7.30am (Pairs or Trios session)

Monday - 8.30am  (Pairs or Trios session)

Monday - 6.00pm (Pairs session)

Tuesday - 7.30am (Pairs or Trios session)

Wednesday - 6.00 (Pairs session)


More Pairs and Trios sessions will become available later in the year, so if the above days / times don't suit, let me know what day would, and I'll keep you on a waiting list. 

Group EP Session Fees: 

(Fee listed per participant, per session and are paid by direct debit weekly or fortnightly)


Initial Session

$125 - 60 minute assessment and preparation of your individualised program. All clients must attend one of these sessions. 

Duos Session

$49 (45min) or  $54(60 min)

Trios Session

 $37 (60 min) 

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