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Balance Competition Entry Form

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Please note, your personal details are collected within the terms of Dancewright's Privacy Policy which can be read HERE

Terms and Conditions of Competition:

  1. The competition opens at 8.30am EDST 15th April 2023 and closes at 5.00pm EDST 16th April 2023. 

  2. Entrants must be timed by a Dancewright representative.

  3. Only 1 (one) entry permitted per person over the 2 (two) day festival, however each person may have 2 (two) timed attempts and submit their best time.

  4. The balance must be timed in the turned out or turned in retire position, on demi pointe, with or without shoes.

  5. Time will be started when final position is reached and hands are not touching the wall/ barre/ person. e working leg touches the ground.

  6. Full name, valid parent email address (if under 18) or valid personal email address (if over 18) and time of balance must be submitted to be a valid entry. Time must be recorded as : min.sec.100th sec

  7. Entrants must agree to receiving correspondence and newsletters from Dancewright to their nominated email address. This may at times include promotions or information about available services provided by Dancewright.

  8. The entrants with the top 5 longest times on each day of the Victorian Dance Festival will be awarded a Dancewright Essentials Pack valued at $75 each.

  9. All 10 Winners will be notified via their email by Monday 17th April 2023. Winners will also be listed by first name and surname initial only on the Dancewright Facebook page and Instagram page.

  10. Time will end when the supporting heel is lowered or the working leg touches the ground. 

  11.  Winners will received their pack by mail after acknowledgement of winning email and provision of their email address, or can be collected from Dancewright at 3/5-7 Clarke Street Lilydale Vic 3138 at an agreed time. 

  12.  In the case of multiple entrants recording the same time, the first person to record that time will be awarded the prize.

  13. Any unclaimed prizes after 14 days of  the winning announcement will be offered to the next longest time submitted on that day. 

  14.  All decisions and announcements are final. No negotiation will be entered into regarding the results.

  15. By submitting an entry, I agree to the above terms and conditions.

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